I have worked in administration many years. As a single mom I realized in order to get  better job wise, I needed to pursue a higher education. I went back to school and while my daughter was in 9th grade obtained my Associates degree in Business Administration. I went back for my Bachelors Degree. While going to school I also worked full time and tried to make time for myself, my daughter and step daughter, my husband, family and leisure time. It was just to hard to do. I am not in school anymore but yet still while working I realized those that I worked for had an overload; so much so that they seemed scatter brained, on edge and full of anxiety. My goal was to help small business owners free up some of their time so they could spend more time with family and have more leisure time and stability.

I am able to do this by taking on some of the work load they would usually be doing on their own. Answering calls for their business, answering questions when possible, relaying messages back to the business, posting ads to sell items for their business or up-sell their business in general, send out mailers and fliers, get their business noticed through marketing and advertising, post items for sale including real estate.

I do not stop here, I can send out faxes for businesses if theirs is broken or maybe they do not have one, I can also do this for individuals. If it is business related I’m capable of just about anything.

As well as business I also do general which includes; vehicle details, house cleaning and yard work. You may ask how I make time for all of this since I am trying to prevent overload. I do not take on more business aspects than I know I can handle and the general side of the business is done at different times of the week when I am not doing the business functions.


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